Personal Training

Your health and well-being are important to me, too!

I am a CAN-FIT-PRO certified Personal Trainer.

Additional education and certificates in the field include: Active Aging, BodyMind Nutrition, Functional Movement Screening, Fat Loss Fundamentals, Beginner Mediation Techniques, WalkFit instructor.

The goal is to help you achieve general good health and fitness by developing functional movement and sing body weight and/or portable equipment during the training sessions. 

Sessions may be in-person, outdoors or online.   

Ftiness sessions are personalized, customizable, on-demand and can be in small groups, partners or just you! 

Contact 1.403.585.7123 to arrange a free inital session.  

$15 for 30min and up depedning on session length and location.


Looking for a post-workout Mobile Massage:  Contact Krista at: